Top 10 Unique Tennis Courts

Ever get bored of playing at the local club, public tennis courts or against a wall? Well, feast your eyes on these unique, amazing, odd and (possibly fake) tennis courts!

1. Roger and Andre are in Heaven in Dubai

Unique Tennis Courts

Where are the Ball Boys?

2. Paddle Tennis?

Unique Tennis Courts

Play between the lines

3. You’ll need a Boat to get there

Unique Tennis Courts

Looks Windy!

4. Choose your Surface

Unique Tennis Courts

Split Personalities

5. Get Medieval

Unique Tennis Courts

Try not to hit any of the lights

6. Skate and Serve

Unique Tennis Courts

Is this really the best idea?

7. Take a trip down the River Thames

Unique Tennis Courts

The crowd will have to keep up

8. Backyard Tennis

Unique Tennis Courts

Beats the public courts!

9. Don’t hit a window!

Unique Tennis Courts

Living the Dream

10. Play Soccer when you’re done

A seven-bedroom, 13-bathroom Tuscan estate in The Woodlands, Tex., was just listed at $14 million (via Homes Of The Rich).

Only $14 million.

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