Retired: Rainer Schuettler

Rainer Schuettler

Rain Man

Schuettler called it quits at the age of 36 and one can truly say he maximized his talents. With no obvious weapon, he reached world number 5 and reached the Aussie Open final, losing to Agassi. His fitness level was his greatest asset, which surely enabled him to play good tennis well into 30s. He was well respected on tour and served on the Player’s Council for a time and now coaches Sergiy Stakhovsky.

Reason to retire: Age
Career titles: 4
Grand Slams: 0
Masters Titles: 0
Win/Loss Record: 327 / 337
Career High Ranking: 5 (2004)
Finest moment: Winning Olympic silver medal in doubles
Famous For: Reaching the final of the 2003 Australian Open

Watch: 2003 Australian Open Men’s Final: Agassi v Schuettler

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