Top 5 Disasterous Tennis Comebacks

A few weeks ago I gave my top 10 successful career comebacks, but what about the less successful ones? Well, since you ask, here’s 5 of the best or worst depending how you look at it.

Bjorn Borg1. Bjorn Borg

After retiring at 26(!), Borg came back aged of 34 with a first round loss to Jordi Arrese. He then played 12 events, losing in the first round in each and every one before the jog was up. Stubbornly, he played with a wooden racket during his comeback, which was pretty naive. You’d think he would to see how he played with modern rackets, but such is life.

Thomas Muster2. Thomas Muster (2nd one)

Muster’s first comeback was awesome and he should be remembered for that and will. He never officially retired though and with some wildcards in 2011, tried to compete on the Challenger circuit barely winning a match. 10/10 for effort. 0/10 for smartness.

John McEnroe3. John McEnroe

Considering how well Mac plays these days on the seniors competing against recently retired players, his 1994 comeback was short lived. After getting beat by Magnus Gustafsson in a first round, he sensibly called it quits. At least he used a graphite racket.

Ilie Nastase4. Ilie Nastase

Retired at 38, Nasty was still hungry for more at 41 and came back to an ass kicking in a first round. I doubt he took it well.

Stan Smith5. Stan Smith

Aged 38, the American former Wimbledon and US Open champ lost 11 of 12 matches over 2 years. Was there no senior circuit at that time?

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