10 Things You Didn’t Know About Stefan Edberg

English: Stefan Edberg in Paris Senior tour Op...

Mr. Nice

1. He won all four Grand Slam junior titles in 1983 to become the first-ever player to achieve the “Junior Grand Slam”.

2. Edberg was also a five-time recipient of the ATP Sportsmanship Award (1988–90, 1992, and 1995). In recognition of this achievement, the ATP renamed the award the “Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award” in 1996.

3. Edberg was a childhood hero of Roger Federer.

4. Edberg’s distinctive serve is used as the logo for the Australian Open.

5. Edberg is a supporter of English football team Leeds United

6. Achieved both singles and doubles number 1 ranking

7. In his whole career, Edberg used Wilson Sporting Goods racquets and Adidas clothing.

8. Edberg lived in London for many years

9. Edberg is married to Annette Olsen, one-time girlfriend of Mats Wilander.

10. Stefan is a part-owner and board member of the Swedish investment company Case Assets Management.

Watch: Stefan Edberg Uncovered

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