10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras serving, 2008

Image via Wikipedia

1. He spent 286 weeks at no. 1, the 2nd most of any player behind Federer.

2. The only players to have a winning record against Sampras are:

  • Sergi Bruguera 3-2
  • Paul Haarhuis 3-1
  • Lleyton Hewitt 5-4
  • Richard Krajicek 6-4
  • Marat Safin 4-3
  • Michael Stitch 5-4

3. Sampras won 20 of the 34 matches he played against Agassi.

4. Sampras used one racket type, the Wilson Pro Staff Original, for his entire professional career – a racket first introduced in 1983

5. Sampras hasa genetic trait that sometimes causes mild anemia.

6. Stands alone with 8 consecutive wins in Grand Slam finals

7. Stands alone as youngest ever US Open champion

8. Sampras is the only male player to win the same Grand Slam tournament (Wimbledon) 7 times in the span of 8 years.

9. Stands alone with 6 years consecutive year end number 1

10. Sampras is the only Greek American to win a Grand Slam

Watch: Pete Sampras Uncovered

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