Classic Rivalry: Jim Courier vs. Michael Chang

Jim Courier

The Rock

Michael Chang

The Wall

Head to Head: 12-12

On Carpet: 2-5

On Hard: 8-7

On Clay: 2-0

In Finals: 2-1

Turned Pro: 1988-1988


Both turned pro in 1988 and more than their clashes with Sampras or Agassi, these two had the most even head to head and in my book, a classic rivalry.

Rarely meeting in finals or on clay, they matched up great on hard courts. Both grinders, both counter punchers and both fighting to the end.

Their matches got closer the later they got in their careers, with Chang enjoying a mid-90s bloom, while Courier, nearly unbeatable between 1992 and 1993, winning most of their encounters during that time.

Watch: A whole match between them!

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