Top 10 Wimbledon 2012 Moments

The Jubilee edition of Wimbledon threw up some Royal moments. Before we head back to SW19 for the Olympics, let’s look back on some of the best moments of this year’s tournaments.

10. Nadal Rosol-Rolled!

Many thought Rafa would win this year but he ran into an inspired Czech who brought enough chutzpah to rock Nadal back with big groundies and an attitude to match. A little chest bump at a change over was the icing on the cake for Rafa.

9. Goran Serves Up the Fans

The People’s champion showed up for his subjects by serving them morning coffee as they waited in line to get into the grounds. Still the man. Here’s Goran soaking up the atmosphere.

8. Middleton Watch

Tennis fans Kate and Pippa represented the House of Windsor well, bringing the right level of glam and grace to Center Court. They should enter the ladies’ doubles next year!

Middleton Sisters

Jolly Good Show

7. Cilic vs. Querry

An epic battle from these two that lasted five hours and 31 minutes, including a 29 shot ralley that can be enjoyed here:

6. Rufus Lost and Found

The trusty hawk that patrols the grounds was inexplicably stolen and then inexplicably found! PR stunt? Who knows, but just glad Rufus the Hawk(eye) is safe and sound. He even has his own Twitter account we’re told.

5. Federescapades

It got a little shaky early on for Roger. Julian Benneteau pulled out all the stops and took the match to 5 sets. The scare turned out to be a blessing and Roger got into a higher gear after that.

4. Scottish Tears

Misery-guts Murray won a few more people over with his emotional post-match speech. The disappointment yet pride was clearly there and he should probably cry more often for his fans.

3. The Battle for Number 1.

All the marbles were on the line between Federer and Djokovic and it was superlative performance from Roger that sealed the deal. Back on top of the mountain for the 287th week in total now.

2. Marray with an A

The wait for a British Wimbledon champion was not lost with Andy Murray’s loss to Federer. A chap named Jonathan Marray walked off with the men’s doubles title with Frederik Nielson as a wildcard pairing in their 4th tournament. Astonishing all around. The Danish loved it too!

1. Return of the King

He did it. 7 Wimbledons, back to number 1. The crown has returned to it’s rightful owner fittingly during the Queen’s Jubilee. An Olympic Gold would complete the Crown Jewels.

What were your best or worst moments from this year’s Wimbledon?

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