Retired: Fernando Gonzalez

Fernando Gonzalez

Gonzo, but not forgotten.

Gonzalez aka ‘Gonzo’ reached a career high of #5 in the world and is probably Chile’s 2nd greatest player of all time behind Marcelo Rios. A couple of major highlights were his 2007 Australian Open final (l. Federer) and an Olympic bronze medal in singles and a gold medal in the doubles with fellow Chilean Nicolas Massu.

His best surface by the numbers was on clay, but he could bring it to anyone on any surface, winning 3 titles on different surfaces in 2005. Aided by one of the biggest forehands on planet earth, Gonzo took a few years to control his power but came mighty close to going one better than his Chilean rival Rios in the Aussie Open final. If he hadn’t met Federer at the peak of his powers that year, the result would have been different.

Reason to retire: Age
Career titles: 11
Career High Ranking: 5 (2007)
Finest moment: Winning Olympic Gold Doubles
Famous For: His Earth shattering forehand

Watch: The Forehand in action

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