Retired: Jose Acasuso

Jose Acasuso

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Scruffball Jose ‘Chuco’ Acasuso hangs up his rackets aged 29 this year after a solid career. A team player who stayed out of usual Argentine controversies had a killer forehand and picked up 3 clay titles and 8 runner ups.

His style was pretty laid back but when he was seeing the ball clearly, he could overpower most players. He good supporting roles in the Argentine Davis Cup team, narrowly missing out in the final rubber against Verdasco in the 2008 Davis Cup final.

Reason to retire: Age/Injury
Career titles: 3
Career High Ranking: 20 (2006)
Finest moment: Winning the 2002 World Team Cup with Argentina
Famous For: Beating Lleyton Hewitt in 5 sets in the 2006 Davis Cup.

Watch: vs. Stepanek

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