Whatever Happened To … Franco Squillari?

Call me Toto

Brad Gilbert called this guy “the dirt rat of dirt rats”, which I suppose if you’re a clay court specialist you can take as a compliment. His actual nickname is ‘Toto’, which I would argue is less complimentary.

In other words, Squillari was no push over on clay and it took him to number 11 in the world and 3 titles. Germany was good to him, with all of his titles won there. He also reached the French Open semi-finals in 2000.

What is he doing now?: Frankly no idea – Answers in a comment please
Career titles: 3
Win/Loss Record: 155/165
Career High Ranking: 11 (2000)
Finest moment: Winning back-to-back Munich titles
Famous For: Holding a 2-0 winning record over Federer

Watch: short clip vs. Agassi

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