Top 10(ish) Roger Federer Commercials

Here’s my Top 10 (ish) Roger Federer TV Commercials. All in all, he’s a pretty good actor and always comes across pretty well in these. He probably made more money form these than tennis!

1. Trickshot on Gillette ad shoot

2. Nike Commercial 14th Grand Slam Title

3. Wilson BLX Feel More 1 

4. Lindt Lindor Truffles

5. Wilson Sports

6. Rolex

7. Mercedes-Benz “Super Service” SLS AMG Roadster Commercial

8. Netjets commercial after Roland Garros

9. Nike Ad (Air Guitar)

10. US Open Commercial

11. ‘Nationale Suisse’ Commercial

12. Espn- Staurt Scoot vs Roger Federer

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