Whatever Happened To … The US Pro Championships?

Longwood Cricket Club

It wasn’t until recently I overturned this tournament and I can now see why. According to wikipedia, ‘From 1990 to 1995, the U.S. Pro event appears to have been an exhibition and not part of the ATP tour.’

It does have some historic significance however, as it was the oldest professional tournament until 1999, but seemed to have been passed around various tennis clubs from Forest Hills, NY to Cleveland, OH and finally ending up at the Longwood Cricket Club no less. I didn’t think the USA had any cricket clubs!

During the early 90s is was a clay event and mostly an exhibition until going pro again for it’s last 3 years on  hard court

Oh, I can’t keep up so anyway, here’s a list of Winners since 1988:

1988: Thomas Muster
1989: Andres Gomez
1990: Martin Jaite
1991: Andres Gomez
1992: Ivan Lendl
1993: Ivan Lendl
1994: Ivan Lendl
1995: Rained Out
1996: Not Held
1997: Sjeng Schalken
1998: Michael Chang
1999: Marat Safin

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