Top 10 US Open 2011 Moments

It took a while for the drama to unfold but by the end we got quite a bit. The Big 4 restored order by all making the semi-finals and Djokovic continued his dominance over Rafa this year with a 4 set final win after narrowly escaping defeat against Federer.

Here’s my top 10 moments this US Open:

1.  Nadal vs. Djokovic 3rd set

It maybe wasn’t a classic, but the 3rd set certainly was. Rafa took it 7-6 but couldn’t find a way through The Serbinator.

2. Federer vs. Djokovic

A reminder that the Fed Express can beat the best (almost). Held match points 2 years running against the Djoker now.

3. The Rain

It used to be Wimbledon that got it in the neck, but now the US Open takes the flack for roofless show courts and unsafe conditions.

4. Nadal Cramping

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be concerned. Caroline Wozniaki found it funny enough to mimic in her press conference so I suppose the former.

5. Retirements

How many? 14 perhaps? The schedule seriously needs an overhaul and the players are making some noise.

6. US Tennis

Quite a bit to cheers on both mens and womens. No champions on the horizon, but strength in numbers will have to do.

7. Donald Young’s Breakthrough

Impressive run from The Donald. Needs a strong 2nd half of the year, but still the right side of his 20s to have a nice career.

8. Bagel Factory

I haven’t seen so many bagels being served since stopping by the Montreal Bagel company last year. Djokovic still leads the way too.

9. New Court 4 Unveiled

2 thumbs up from all the players and a nice, less noisy court but still with a decent crowd. Well done Flushing!

10. Alec Baldwin


What were your best or worst moments from this year’s US Open?

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