Top 10 Tennis Shots Paying the Bills

Andre Agassi used to like to say that his backhand paid a lot of the bills and he was right of course. To be a champion, a player often needs that one shot that can turn a match or be relied upon under pressure to deliver the goods.

Here’s a list of my current top 10 shots that are the best in the game:

1. Roger Federer’s Forehand

Moves like a butterfly and stings like a bee!

2. Rafael Nadal’s Forehand

Grinds more than an espresso machine and pays the mortgage.

3. Andy Murray’s Backhand

More depth than a Terence Malick movie

4. Ivo Karlovic’s Serve

Not only drilled in at 155 mph but can bounce over over your head!

5. Stanislas Wawrinka’s Backhand

Paints more lines than a road construction crew

6. John Isner’s Serve

Two words: Isner-Mahut

7. David Nalbandian’s Backhand

Runs players coast to coast like a Freight plane

8. Florian Mayer’s Drop Shot

More frustrating to get back than an airline refund

9. Novak Djokovic’s Backhand

Serves more bagels to his opponents than a bakery

10. Juan Martin Dep Potro’s Forehand

More wind up than a music box and hit flatter than a hammer on nail

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