Whatever Happened To … Aaron Krickstein?

I'm a Prodigy!

Krickers was known as the Marathon Man for his 5-set endurance and one of the first teen prodigies. He also registered some huge wins over all the best players of his era and also set records for youngest this, youngest that etc. He still holds the Youngest Player to break the top 10 for the time being.

His tournament wins were mainly in the lower tier events but he made 2 semi finals at Grand Slams and will be forever intertwined with Jimmy Connors 1991 US Open adventure, facing him in the 4th round. Krickstein won’t thank me for mentioning it, but it’s the only video clip I could find.

What is he doing now?: Competing on the Outback Champion’s Tour
Career titles: 9
Win/Loss Record: 395/256
Career High Ranking: 6 (1990)
Famous For: His record in 5-set matches, winning 10 career wins from 0–2 set deficits and winning 27 of his 35 career matches that went into a fifth set.

Watch: vs. Connors, US Open 1991

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