Whatever Happened To … Karel Novacek?

Czech mate

Novacek was chiefly a clay courter, winning 11 of 13 titles on the dirt. A typical Czech in his demeanor, he had some big wins over top players including Becker, Muster, Rios, Sampras, Stich, Edberg and especially against Magnus Gustafsson, who he beat for 3 of his titles. He is quoted as saying he found Edberg the hardest player to play and also that his favorite to watch was Marcelo Rios.

What is he doing now?: Relaxing in Boca Raton, Florida and was Vince Spadea’s financial adviser and coach
Career titles: 13
Win/Loss Record: 300/246
Career High Ranking: 8 (1991)
Finest moment: Reaching the ATP tour finals in 1991.
Famous For: Administering a triple bagel on Eduardo Bengoechea in 1987 and receiving a ban for cocaine abuse.

Watch: Novacek at the French Open

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