Whatever Happened To … Malivai Washington?

MaliVai "Mal" Washington

Mal Washington was important for African American tennis in many ways during and after his playing career. His Wimbledon final appearance was a breath of fresh air and would have probably made a more charismatic winner than Krajicek. He played during a tough era to get much Davis Cup play, but he had a stylish game and ended with a winning record. He now does great work with his Kids Foundation and apparently in real estate.

What are they doing now?: A Realtor
Career titles: 4
Win/Loss Record: 254/184
Career High Ranking: 11 (1992)
Finest moment: Reaching the final of Wimbledon 1996
Famous For: Being the first African-American man since Arthur Ashe 21 years earlier to reach a Grand Slam singles final.
He Said It: “I had 13 great days at Wimbledon that year, but Richard had 14. I loved playing at Wimbledon and reaching the final. But my goal was to win the title.” 

Watch: Mal talk tennis

One comment on “Whatever Happened To … Malivai Washington?

  1. Hope you are well. I met you in Evergreen Park, IL in about 1991. Your little cousin introduced me to you. You offered to practice with me and I said no cause. It’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s just that I was scared. I was 17 and regret it every time I think of that offer.

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