Whatever Happened To … Jeff Tarango?


Don’t worry. Jeff hasn’t gone away. In fact if you want to stream his thoughts into your Twitter then check out  @JeffTarango for classics like this: “@andy_murray I would need 3 and a half weeks to get u ready to win wimby”.

Anyway, Jeff was a hell of a junior routinely beating Sampras and Agassi until they grew up and then of course he is best known for his Wimbledon outburst. But all that aside, he’s a good commentator and entertaining guy to have on the scene and really should play senior doubles with Pat Cash and be Tarango and Cash.

What is he doing now?: Tweeting, Coaching, Commentating, Joking Around
Career titles: 2
Win/Loss Record: 239/234
Career High Ranking: 42 (1992)
Famous For: His Wimbledon outburst against umpire and dropping his shorts in a match against Michael Chang in 1994.

Watch: Jeff giving Michael some Stich

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