Top 10 Forgotten Grand Slam Finalists

Gaston ‘Gaucho’ Gaudio

1. Gaston Gaudio (unseeded)
One of the most memorable finals more for what it did for both players careers. They never recovered. For Gaudio it was a zenith and the expectation that followed was too much. For Coria it was expected that he would win and he was for 2 and a half sets. Gaudio played with nothing to lose from there and fought his way to one of the unlikeliest comebacks in the history of the sport. For Coria it coincided with Nadal’s arrival, injury and a devastating loss of confidence that he never recovered from.
Where: French Open 2004
Vs. Guillermo Coria
Result: Won in 5 sets

Thomas ‘Tommy’ Johansson

2. Thomas Johansson
A somewhat easy draw saw Johannson up against the favorite in Safin, but lucky for Tommy it was one of Marat’s bad days, which he would later correct in 2005.
Where: Australian Open 2002
Vs. Marat Safin
Result: Won in 4 sets

Arnaud Clement

3. Arnaud Clement
Reached first Slam final at Australian Open with wins over Federer, Rusedski, Kafelnikov and Grosjean (saved 2 M.P. in SF) before losing to Agassi. Quite a run and with a seemingly ordinary game, has taken out many top 10 players.
Where: Australian Open 2001
Vs. Andre Agassi
Result: Lost in 3 sets

Rainer Schuettler

4. Rainer Schuettler (unseeded)
A journeyman, Rainer advanced to his first career Grand Slam final at Australian Open with wins over Krajicek (2nd), Blake (4th), Nalbandian (QF) and Roddick (SF) before Agassi rained on his parade
Where: Australian Open 2003
Vs. Andre Agassi
Result: Lost in 3 sets

Greg Rusedski

5. Greg Rusedski (unseeded)
A great match up between 2 serve volleyers. Greg had a big game but didn’t have the chops to take down Rafter who looked unbeatable on that day.
Where: US Open 1997
Vs. Pat Rafter
Result: Lost in 4 sets

Malivai Washington

6. Malivai Washington (unseeded)
Malivai became first African-American to reach Wimbledon final since Ashe won in 1975 but ran into a guy who took down Sampras in his prime, no easy task, and the result was foregone.
Where: Wimbledon 1996
Vs. Richard Krajicek
Result: Lost

Andrei Medvedev

7. Andrei Medvedev (unseeded)
Medvedev was playing against destiny that day and even after being 2 sets up could not put Andre away and thus did him a favor in completing a career Grand Slam. I hope Andre sends him Christmas cards!
Where: French Open 1999
Vs. Andre Agassi
Result: Lost in 5 sets

Martin Verkerk

8. Martin Verkerk (unseeded)
Martin who? Well, he fired 124 aces en route to the final in Paris, posting consecutive wins over three year-end Top 10s — Schuettler (4th), Moya (QF) and Coria (SF) — before losing to Ferrero in straight sets. Afterwards, climbed from 46 to No. 15 in becoming first player since Pernfors in 1986 to reach Roland Garros final in his first visit.
Where: French Open 2003
Vs. Juan Carlos Ferrero
Result: Lost in 3 sets

Mariano Puerta

9. Mariano Puerta (unseeded)
Put together his best Grand Slam result at Roland Garros where he posted five-set wins over Canas in QF and Davydenko in SF before losing in four sets to Nadal. Also served a nine-month suspension for testing positive for clenbuterol.
Where: French Open
Vs. Rafael Nadal
Result: Lost in 4 sets

David Nalbandian

10. David Nalbandian
We now know how talented David is and even on grass so it’s shocking that he hasn’t matched this Grand Slam result. He met Hewitt at the peak of his powers and didn’t have the big match experience at that point. Since then he has schooled Hewitt a couple times and most recently dumped him out the 2011 Aussie Open if you can call that revenge.
Where: Wimbledon 2002
Vs. Lleyton Hewitt
Result: Lost in 3 sets

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