Top 10 Tennis Tournaments To See Before You Die

Here’s a kick off post on some of the best tourneys on the tour taking into account all kinds of reasons to stump up the air fare to get there.

Monte Carlo Tennis Club1. Monte Carlo:
?  – If you want to celebrity watch or pretend you’re James Bond at the Casino Royale then this one’s or you. The scenery is gorgeous and it’s one of Nadal’s favorite tournament winning it no less than 6 times.


2. Newport, Rhode Island:
– If you can’t afford the ticket prices at Wimbledon then this is the next best thing. It has history, charm and a chance for lower ranked players to actually win a grass court tourney. It’s also the HQ of the Tennis Hall of Fame, so you can catch a legend being inducted on Finals weekend.

3. London O2
Why? – London now holds the merry-go-round that is the year end championships, and the venue is impressive if a little intimidating, but you can see the top 8 going at it. Finally the Millennium fund put to good use!


4. Indian Wells Why? – The tourney in the desert is one of the most spectacular surroundings to play tennis in if you don’t mind the heat. It’s also a player favorite.




5. St. Petersburg Why? – As indoor events go, not many are that picturesque, so step outside and experience this beautiful city. This event always produces a Russian winner so expect lot’s of patriotic fervor.


6. Queens, London
Why? –  This pre-Wimbledon warm up gives you achance to get close to the action, which stadium courts at Wimbledon can’t do. The grass is as good too!




7. French Open
Why? – The spiritual home of clay court tennis and who can say no to a weekend in Paris?

8. Estoril, Portugal
Why? One of Roger Federer’s favorites; Estoril is also a great place to do some surfing!



9. Wimbledon
Why? History, Strawberries, Grass, Celebrities, Classic Matches, Henman Hill/Murray Mound, the list goes on. Just arrive loaded!

10. Montreal, Canada
Why? This Masters series event alternates with Toronto, but with Montreal, you can combine the best of Canada and France in one city. It’s also called the Rogers Cup, so Federer is always trying his best to win this one.

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